Boost Window Package

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Client : Boost Mobile

3x4 Window Graphics and Door Strikes

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Hackett Printing did a 50-store study analyzing Boost Mobile’s outdoor promotional materials.  The different sized pieces Boost Mobile was using made for a fragmented reading experience and were typically placed inside of a window facing out.  We found that the perforated vinyl material was great during the day was literally invisible in the evening or at night.  During the study we found that the pieces used by Boost Mobile were tough to see from a vehicle, and when placed together among competitors simply blended in.

When proposing a new merchandising plan for Boost Mobile we had to consider several things.  We knew that Boost Mobile field representatives or retailers would have to place the items so they could not be too big, complex or cumbersome.  Boost Mobile liked the perforated vinyl because the retailers often told them they liked that it allowed them to see who was entering the store.  Finally we had to make something that would fit in the window and on the doors of the majority of stores that carried Boost Mobile.

Hackett Printing looked to other industries to see what sorts of things were being done in different spaces.  In our research we noticed that the best and brightest windows typically belonged to the fast food industry.  Taco Bell in particular has large window graphics up to 6 feet wide.  We spoke to the employees of several fast food chains and they all told us that the store employees typically hung the graphics.  These store employees were in the same age range and background as most of the store employees that we ran into thus we concluded that if we did propose large window graphics the retailers would be able to place them.

While considering the perforated vinyl we noticed during our visits to Boost Mobile retailers that their windows were typically covered with so much material that they did not have much outside visibility.  We theorized that it was not as important to see out the windows as much as it was to see who was coming in the door.  Thus if the door was clear then the retailer would still feel secure.  We proposed this theory to all the retailers we visited and most agreed.  Thus we concluded that we did not have to use perforated vinyl unless we were proposing a piece for the window.

When we visited the stores we measured the windows and the front door of every location and found that 95% of them had windows that were at least 4’ tall x 6’ wide.

Taking all this into consideration we decided to mock up several sizes of window graphics and concluded that a 3’x4’ window graphic would provide the best platform for readable promotions while not being too large or difficult to place.